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1st Place Winner at the Charlotte Engineering Early College Senior EXPO

We couldn't have done it without the help of our wonderful teachers, mentors, and sponsors. Thank you so much for your support.


KnoPro Young Entrepreneurs Challenge: First Place Winners

Recognition from the Carter Microbiology Lab at UNC Charlotte

CEEC Senior EXPO Instagram

The KnoPro Young Entrepreneurs challenge addressed the question: "How can you unleash your creativity and entrepreneurship skills to address a problem in your community?" The challenge was open to high schoolers nationwide for an opportunity to win up to $5000. View our winning submission here, or go to the challenge winners website.

The Carter Lab was an integral part of our project's success, providing us space, tools, and assistance to complete our research. We were especially helped by Dr. Morgan Carter and Lauren Carneal. The lab has shouted us out on their website, which can be viewed here.

Recognition from our school on the senior expo instagram page. View the post here.

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